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bouquet "the pink blossom in outer space" ep 1993

Bouquet were an Indie-Pop band formed in 1991 in Nottingham by Neil and Rachel, intended as an acoustic duo. They releases a couple of 7″ before Rachel left the band in 1993. Three years later, Neil reformed the band and … Continuar a ler

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the castaway stones "make love to you" 1999

Featuring ex-members of Glo-Worm, Black Tambourine and The Sharpiros, the Washington DC quartet of The Castaway Stones brought on their own sensation of 60’s inspired indie-pop. Debuting with the Leave No Stone Unturned EP in 1999, Shelflife Records helped capture … Continuar a ler

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new order "power, corruption and lies" 1983

Power, Corruption & Lies is the second album by Manchester band New Order, released in May 1983. The album achieved more widespread popularity than any of the band’s previous releases, including those of previous band Joy Division. The music is … Continuar a ler

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eternity’s children "eternity’s children" 1968

Overall their eponymous debut album is a top album for Boettcher fans, and features songs by Boettcher plus other Millennium members – including Flowers, a Michael Fennelly composition dropped from Millennium’s Begin album. Curiously, the “cover” of Sagittarius’ You know … Continuar a ler

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at swim two birds "before you left" 2009

Overall, Roger Quigley’s soul-baring may be a pain in the heart for him, but it’s a generous medicine to the ears for the rest of us. So although heavy with an omnipresent tristfulness, Before You Left is still a redemptive … Continuar a ler

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the springfields "reach for the stars" 1991

First single outside Sarah Records on summershine in 1991. A pearl of pure pop. Download.

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