le coupe "le coupe" 2001

California’s Le Coupe is Stacy Michelson and Josh Moore. They formed soon after meeting in the late ’90s. The band’s first recording (the song “Our Way”) appeared on the Shelflife Records compilation You Make Me Smile in 2000. The band quickly turned heads with their clean, pretty pop songs. Download.
Esta entrada foi publicada em 2000's, le coupe. ligação permanente.

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  1. Handlebarc diz:

    I have this cd! I like this album because it takes me back to my childhood in the early 70's. I don't know why, but it has something in common with the music I used to hear in these years. I found Le Coupe's page in Myspace and e-mailed Michelson…and she replied to my message! She said she'd had a great time in the band. She's now on another project called Artichoke Heart Soufflé. Please check: http://www.artichokeheartsouffle.com/
    My favorite tracks in the album are: It Will Never Work Out (I listened to this song by chance and its addictive percussion caught me immediately), Plane, Second to No One, Better Way, You Showed Me and Forget About It.
    Great blog by the way, I'm going to bookmark it!
    Greetings from Chile!

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