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crooneres decadentes "variante" ep 2009

Crooneres Decadentes was formed in April 2009 in the city of Petrolina, State Of Pernambuco, Located in the northeast of Brazil by Raoni Santos, who is the only member of the band. No one knows for sure what their sound … Continuar a ler

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pacific "sea of sand" ep 1988

I made a reference to the Creation band Pacific the other day and I received an e-mail asking who they were. Unfortunately there’s not a lot written about Pacific on the web. The band is a bit of a mystery, … Continuar a ler

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henry mancini "breakfast at tiffany’s" 1961

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a 1961 American film starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, and featuring Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, and Mickey Rooney. The film was directed by Blake Edwards and released by Paramount Pictures. It was loosely … Continuar a ler

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electronic "getting away with it" 1989

“Getting Away with It” was the first single by the English band Electronic, which comprised Bernard Sumner of New Order, ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, and guesting vocalist Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys. It was first released in 1989. Download. … Continuar a ler

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ennio morricone "once upon a time in america" 1984

Once Upon a Time in America is a 1984 epic crime film directed and co-written by Sergio Leone and starring Robert De Niro and James Woods. The story chronicles the lives of Jewish ghetto youths who rise to prominence in … Continuar a ler

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friends "far and away" ep, 1987

Far And Away was Friends’ second single, released in 12″ format only. The title track is one of the band’s most popular songs both live and broadcast, being a classic piece of romantic, acoustic pop with a nostalgic feel. Burning … Continuar a ler

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it’s immaterial "driving away from home" 1986

Hey, now just get inAnd close the doorAnd put your foot downYou know, I like this suburb we’re going throughAnd I’ve been around here many times beforeWhen I was young we were gonna move out this wayFor the clean air, … Continuar a ler

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