the human league "dare" 1981

I can still remember the effect this album had on me when I first heard it way back in 1981. I would listen to it on headphones and marvel at every note of every layer. I had simply never heard anything like it before, and to be honest, it blew me away. In the early eighties, people were really beginning to tire of thrashing guitars that lacked melody and all that hopeless American rock that filled up the European charts. Dare was the first successful mix of electronics with pure, commercial pop. Taking it a step further than the godfathers of electronica Kraftwerk, the League brought in sequencers and mixed it with their love for cult films and fashion. The album contains synth baseline which are still being imitated by dance acts today some 20 years after this classic album was released. Dare paved the way for groups such as Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Heaven 17, & New Order. It was a period when music was reinvented and enhanced. Download.

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