hydroplane "hope against hope" 1999

Hydroplane is from Melbourne Australia. The band’s first record was supposed to be a one off release; a hit single by a mysterious group that would then disappear forever. However, with a title like “Excerpts from forthcoming LP” what better than follow it up with an LP. It was the release of the “We crossed the Atlantic” 7″ single on the Wurlitzer Jukebox label in 1997 that seemed to raise the bands profile, even if only slightly, getting some great reviews and radio air play. John Peel played tracks from the album and single on BBC Radio 1 throughout the year and “We crossed the Atlantic” was number 13 on his 1997 Festive 30. Early 1998 saw the release of a 4 song 12″ EP in the USA and singles in the UK and Spain, some great reviews and airplay. In October 1999 Hydroplane released their second album “Hope against hope”. Download.
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