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songs to learn and sing #34

His 1967 recording of “Music to Watch Girls By” became a huge surprise UK hit to a new young TV audience, in 1999, when it reached #9 after featuring in new TV ads for the Fiat Punto–and later for Diet … Continuar a ler

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songs to learn and sing #33

Jack’s first chart success came with this Top 20 hit from November of 1963. The song was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and expressed a rather chauvinistic sentiment that probably wouldn’t work today, but it won a Grammy … Continuar a ler

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gentle giant "octopus" 1972

Gentle Giant’s music is, as they rightly say, an acquired taste. This gave the band a strong core of dedicated fans, but ultimately drove Gentle Giant out of existence. I have always wondered what they were thinking; you can’t produce … Continuar a ler

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jethro tull "aqualung" 1971

Aqualung is a wonderful, superlative, essentially perfect album. From the day it was released right up to now the record is fresh, exciting, compelling, intelligent, forcefully rhythmic, melodic, brilliantly played, brilliantly sung, and has one of the best ever cover … Continuar a ler

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king crimson "in the court of the crimson king" 1969

One of the pioneering works of art-rock, In The Court of the Crimson King is a surreal modernist classic. Crimson’s debut album was in fact so good that it almost led to the bands premature demise as it took them … Continuar a ler

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genesis "selling england by the pound" 1973

I listened to Genesis obsessively while in graduate school and this 1973 recording was always a favorite. For me, Selling England by the Pound represents everything about progressive rock that I hold near and dear: intricate ensemble work, virtuosic musicianship, … Continuar a ler

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van der graaf generator "pawn hearts" 1971

Released in 1971, this album is regarded by many fans as the finest material VDGG ever recorded. I certainly share this enthusiasm and Pawn Hearts ranks right up there with my top ten prog albums of all time. Ever. This … Continuar a ler

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