songs to learn and sing #29

The Montgolfier Brothers “Inches Away” from their 2002 album “The World Is Flat”.

La Mesa Del Rincón

inches away and not knowing,
the space we share keeps us both apart.

we¹ll waste our whole lives, just missing each other.
we¹ll spend an eternity, just passing each other by…

inches away from never being lonely,
a chance to share, another human being’s time,

needing to belong, to something or someone,
some point of reference, some peace of mind

inches away from waking beside you,
seeing god¹s flash-light change your sleeping smile,
into a frown,
as you come round,
the world outside spins slowly, slowly…
and all the time is ours.

time to re-dress you, undress you,
and all that time is ours…

inches away from learning to master
the tricks required, the magic compromise,
and failing to hold on, to that precious someone.
aching your way through, (the last moments)
the final unintended smile…

inches away from, watching you leave me,
and never quite understanding, all the reasons why…

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