5 records you should buy

1- Dances With Wolves “South East” 2002.

In retrospect, it may not have been such a great idea to name your solo recording project Dances with Wolves. After all, if you look up Masters of the Hemisphere in Wikipedia, it inexplicably contains a link to the Kevin Costner Best Picture winner. What’s the connection? More details.

2- Delta “Slippin Out” 2000.

Delta formed in 1993 from the ashes of cult Sarah Records indie band The Sea Urchins, the core lineup consisting of brothers James and Patrick Roberts on guitar and vocals. More details.

3- Graham “Never, And Maybe Not Even Then” 2001

Adopting a lyrical style that avoids psychological generalities in favour of second- and third- person narrative, Graham nevertheless manages to establish a very personal mood that is often tinged with sadness, morbidity, and dislocation. The whole effect is compounded by tunes that tend to linger in the mind, leaving the listener strangely uplifted. More details.

4- Plush “More You Becomes You” 1998

On Plush’s debut album, Liam Hayes boldly embraces the abstract guise of a ’60s singer-songwriter stuck in the late 1990s. Accompanied solely by his own piano playing, Hayes’s vocal performances initially sound more like rough pop blueprints than a finished body of work. With repeated listenings, however, the man’s innate gift for great melodies becomes apparent and his songs take on a vaguely familiar feel. More details.

5- The Secret History “S/T” 2002

Dave Allsop-bass, Nalinee Darmrong-guitar, vocals, Will Eastman-guitar, vocals, Ryan Hicks-drums. Engineered by Archie Moore. Produced by Archie Moore and The Secret History. Recorded at Omega Studios, Rockville, MD. This is a Foxyboy Recordings release. FOXY002.

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