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martial canterel "you today" single 2011

“You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys.  This guitar

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microdisney – the touch of genius

One October, losing his job,He was drinking heavily,Living in his mothers house,Wild at weekends and sleeping all week. He believed he was right to ask for thingsTo be his and for him alone,And the world wasn’t right with him unlessHis … Continuar a ler

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beach fossils "what a pleasure" ep 2011

Following the critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Beach Fossils returns with the beautifully crafted EP, “What a Pleasure”. In this brilliant new release Dustin Payseur shares songwriting duties with bassist John Pena which makes for their most dynamic songs yet. take … Continuar a ler

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phil wilson "i own it" single 2011

As main songwriter and singer of mid-80s English pop legends the June Brides, Phil Wilson’s influence looms large over nearly all UK guitar pop since. mp3

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um zero amarelo – a portuguese band

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spectrals "7th date" single 2011

7th Date is Spectrals’ first release for Slumberland and it’s a corker. “7th Date” combines classic 50s songwriting with a lazy swing and drawling, Westerberg-ish vocals. Understated guitar twang snakes through tremeloed strum, punctuated by tambourine shakes and tinkling bells.  … Continuar a ler

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motorama "one moment" single 2011

Russia…the last frontier…We bet you didn’t expect there was music this good buried deep in their forest. But we did, we traveled far and had many near death experiences to bring this one back to you! Free download at Holiday … Continuar a ler

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