the squires "going all the way" single 1966

The Squires from Bristol, Connecticut were an American garage band in the 1960s.
They released just one single, which failed to be even a regional hit, but which is now regarded as a classic of its era. One critic wrote: “The yearning lyrics and melody, vibrant jangling guitars and brisk propulsive beat all combine to make The Squires’ ‘Going All the Way’ a transcendent rock n roll record. That the song wasn’t a huge hit and isn’t heard daily on today’s ‘oldies’ or ‘classic rock’ radio stations is shameful – but when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter. The fact that ‘Going All the Way’ is little more than a secret, known only to a few thousand fanatics, only adds to its greatness. Success can be measured in terms other than units sold, and with “Going All the Way” The Squires succeeded in ways that much wealthier musicians failed.”
Esta entrada foi publicada em 60's, the squires. ligação permanente.

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