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sonic youth "dirty boots" single 1991

Another single from the amazing “Goo”.

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sonic youth "disappearer" single 1990

Fantastic single from the awsome 1990 album “Goo”. No brasil.

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sonic youth "silver rocket" single 1989

Single from the 1988 album “Daydream Nation”. Rocktown.

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the orange peels "aether tide" single 2011

Tomorrow, my band The Orange Peels releases a single on Minty Fresh called Aether Tide. It’s all about this kind of stuff. Seeing millions of years into the past; thinking about what space is made of; and why we see … Continuar a ler

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crime & the city solution "room of lights" 1986

Following on the heels of two successful EPs, Crime & the City Solution turned around to record some of their best material for Room of Lights. With violinist Bronwyn Adams added to the camp, the band acted as dynamically jagged … Continuar a ler

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pandit "eternity spin" 2011

Waaga Records are becoming specialists in dreampop and Pandit are another name to add to the increasingly impressive roster they have built up. The brainchild of Texan singer/songwriter Lance Smith, ‘Eternity Spin’ is a compelling debut album. for ex-lovers only

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interpol "slow hands" single 2004

If you enjoy Interpol, you might like bands such as: Bloc Party,The Bravery,The Killers,Joy Division, Gang Of Four, The Pixies( eh, not so much) Keiser Chiefs,Franz Ferdinand, and Kings Of Leon. They are all post-punk bands; with the exception of … Continuar a ler

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