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part time "what would you say?" 2011

Part Time is the slinky (new-)romantic synth-centric project of San Franciscan David Speck. You may have already heard his breezy, deadpan “In This Filthy City” (FKA “If I Lose My Cool I Die”), a coy ’80s throwback that sounds like … Continuar a ler

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bart & friends "stories with the endings changed" 2011

Bart Cummings’ 2010 return to recorded music was received with open arms by the global indiepop community. Held in high esteem as a craftsman of some of the most crushworthy bite-sized pop ever put to four-track tape, Bart emerged in … Continuar a ler

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veronica falls "s/t" 2011

Veronica Falls have been building considerable buzz over the past two years thanks to a string of well-received singles. The London quartet’s harmony-laden, jangly guitar pop is the kind of sound proven time and time again to send the average … Continuar a ler

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jens lekman "an argument with myself" 2011

It’s been nearly four years since Jens Lekman released his latest family of songs, 2007’s BNM-adorned beauty, Night Falls Over Kortedala. On September 19 in the UK and September 20 in the U.S. and Scandinavia, the Swedish troubadour (with an … Continuar a ler

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selebrities "delusions" 2011

Confidently delivering on the buzz surrounding this Brooklyn-based three-piece, Selebrities present Delusions – their debut full-length. On it, the band imbues their signature sound of new wave New York with themes of melancholy, unrest and indecision. for ex-lovers only

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seapony "go with me" 2011

Simplicity is arguably one of the most important virtues of indie pop, and one that Seattle’s Seapony take to heart on Go With Me: 12 songs in 34 minutes, all written in major keys.  for ex-lovers

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bad dancers collide new vídeo

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