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gang of four "entertainment" 1979

Take stripped-down punk, add some funky grooves, and top it off with some leftist proselytizing and you have GOF’s, “Entertainment!”. mediafire

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public image ltd "metal box" 1979

How can PiL’s second album be best described? It’s the most evil disco album ever made. It’s arguably the single most powerful post-punk musical statement. It’s PiL’s best album and it’s one of the finest and most influential albums ever … Continuar a ler

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wil bolton with special guests pimmon, riverrun & film by antonymes

18th March 2011, 6pm to 10pm. Hibernate presents Wil Bolton with special guests Pimmon, riverrun and film by Antonymes at the St John’s in the Wildnerness Baptist church in the small village of Cragg Vale outside Hebden Bridge. More details.

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quigley/lazerboy "spring will be a little late this year" 1996

Released autumn 1996 on Vespertine. mediafire

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buzzcocks "another music in a different kitchen" 1978

Sure the Buzzcocks are the consummate singles band, as documented on “Singles Going Steady”, an absolute essential for any rock and roll collection. They only had three LP’s in their entire (pre-reformed group) career, and their brilliant singles rarely appeared … Continuar a ler

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xtc "go 2" 1978

The songs here are very much the epitome of what “New Wave” is supposed to sound like, with the possible exception of Elvis Costello’s early work. Barry Andrews’ plastic organ was essential to XTC’s flavor at this point in their … Continuar a ler

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devo "are we not men? we are devo!" 1978

When Devo’s debut album came out in 1978, nobody knew what to make of the mutant new-wave quintet from Akron, Ohio. With Brian Eno’s skillful production, Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh, Jerry and Bob Casale, and Alan Myers emerged fully formed … Continuar a ler

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