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the the "soul mining" 1983

I don’t remember when I heard “This Is The Day” or “Uncertain Smile” for the first time… but there are 2 things I’m certain of these days: from then on I became a devoted admirer of Matt Johnson’s music and, … Continuar a ler

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friends "far and away", another great song!

Far far and away the best daysOf our life we still recallNothing to say anywayAll we used to do was Fall in the waterfallFloat away and never care at all Time time and again we would endThis affair that we’d … Continuar a ler

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friends "this town" a great song

Run, run awayAnd never turn to look roundEach passing dayIt could be years till we’re found I don’t know what to sayCan’t explain itNothing here anywayNothing changes here Wait for the trainThe days are getting colderSleep in the rainThe nights … Continuar a ler

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culture club "colour by numbers" 1983

This classic pop album from one of the most colourful bands of the 80s makes a welcome return in a “remastered” format. Five additional tracks join the original 10 songs which made this album a massive success when first released … Continuar a ler

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billy bragg "life’s a riot with spy vs spy" 1983

Of all the albums I had on repeat as a teenager, Billy Bragg’s Life’s a Riot With Spy Vs Spy was, undoubtedly, the one. It was the record that first demonstrated to me just how powerful music could be. It … Continuar a ler

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perry blake "perry blake" 1998

Perry Blake (born May 10, 1970) is an Irish singer and songwriter from Sligo, known for the delicate, downtempo, melancholic style of his songs and his soft singing voice. His 1998 self-titled debut album was very successful in the United … Continuar a ler

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jay-jay johanson "whiskey" 1996

This first album by an unknown Swede got 200% deserved critical acclaim when it was released here (France) a couple years ago, but I passed it by at the time while making a mental note to see what it’s like … Continuar a ler

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