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bob lind "don’t be concerned" 1966

1966 was an amazing year for music, and not least because of Bob Lind’s first two official releases, “Don’t Be Concerned” and “Photographs of Feeling.” He’s remembered today for “Elusive Butterfly” — a song that still holds up as a … Continuar a ler

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david gates "let you go" 1965

Out of Los Angeles and issued in May of 1965, this release is the last of eight singles on the Dot Records short lived subsidiary, Planetary Records. David Gates was the executive vice-president of the label which had it’s own … Continuar a ler

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michael landon "without you" 1964

Out of Los Angeles, this 1964 release is really quite a marvelous example of the early 60’s L.A. teen/pop sound. Twenty-eight year old Michael Landon, who at that time starred as ‘Little Joe’ on T.V.’s BONANZA stretches his vocal cords … Continuar a ler

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dot dash new vídeo

Dot Dash new vídeo for the song “Learn How To Fly”. You can download it here. The song in the video comes from the spark>flame>ember>ash album, released by Canadian indie The Beautiful Music and available on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and … Continuar a ler

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10 000 maniacs "in my tribe" 1987

This really is an amazingly good album, filled with depth and passion and shaped by one of music’s most distinct, compelling voices (Natalie Merchant). music traveller

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the sorry shop "bloody, fuzzy, cozy" 2012

Depois de um ep e de um vídeo tão interessante como a canção que suportava, os brasileiros The Sorry Shop regressam com um longa duração de fazer as delícias dos seguidores de Rain Parade, Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary … Continuar a ler

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the smiths "strangeways, here we come" 1987

Recorded as the relationship between Morrissey and Johnny Marr was beginning to splinter, Strangeways, Here We Come is the most carefully considered and elaborately produced album in the group’s catalog. rapidshare

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