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broadcast "tender buttons" 2005

Broadcast is down to two members now, Trish Keenan and James Cargill. I saw them play a few years ago and it was great. They definitely have their own sound. It’s sort of this 1960s sound that never existed, and … Continuar a ler

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the decemberists "picaresque" 2005

The obscure word “Picaresque” is an accurate title for the third full-length album by the Decemberists. If you want to get technical, the word refers to humorous adventure stories, starring roguish antiheroes. Considering the folky pirate sound of the Decemberists’ … Continuar a ler

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jamie lidell "multiply" 2005

How can this album be real? Just when I thought music was over and done with, just when I thought the soul was gone – a dorky British white guy comes along sounding like a cross between Marvin Gaye and … Continuar a ler

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van der graaf generator "still life" 1976

“The other night in London, by the happiest of coincidences, I ran into my friend Peter Hammill. Over a (good?) English meal, Peter talked to me about the plans for Van der Graaf. For now, the group’s main focus of … Continuar a ler

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perry blake "still life" 1999

After seeing the film Presque Rien I had no choice but to seek out the songs featured in it. They astounded me. Simple arrangements on top of simple vocals and simple harmonies. The combination of all these simplicities creates something … Continuar a ler

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clara mondshine "memorymetropolis" 1983

Clara Mondshine is a pseudonym. The musician is male (real name – Walter Bachauer). Berlin School electronics in Schulze style with experimental trends on later works. Because these albums were released on the legendary IC label, many people believe that … Continuar a ler

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the dears "no cities left" 2004

Montreal’s pop group The Dears are endlessly compared to Morrissey and Blur to the point it has become tiresome. Yes, at times, a hint of the Moz comes through lead singer Murray Lightburn’s vocals. But that’s it. This band sounds … Continuar a ler

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