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faidherbe "blurr visions" 2012

Faidherbe is Clémence Fichard (Voices, Guitars, All Instruments), a music project based in France, somewhere between Françoise Hardy and Biff Bang Pow “Songs For The Sad Eyed Girl” era.

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opal Vol. 1 and 2 – a moon glyph compilation

Free download here. Featuring The New Lines.

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karen dalton "it’s so hard to tell who’s going to love you best" 1969

karen dalton is one of my favorite woman singers. her soulful voice is reminiscent of billie holiday, and her words are true. everyone can understand her perspective, and she will make you cry or smile or both. she is one … Continuar a ler

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heavenly beat "presence" live

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tim hardin "tim hardin 1" 1966

Tim Hardin was the archetypical 60’s “genius artist.” What he produced of quality was stunning, the length of time that he maintained this level of achievement was virtually microscopic, and, of course, heroin and assorted villians sapped him of motivation, … Continuar a ler

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dot dash new vídeo "the past is another country" 2012

From the new Dot Dash album Winter Garden Light here’s a vídeo of The Past Is Another Country. Other songs you can stream at bandcamp like this one:

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2012 favourites (11)

My Other Man by Gap Dream

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