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the kvb live in porto, portugal

THE KVB no Indiscreta Bar, PORTO (junto ao Teatro Carlos Alberto), a 11 de Janeiro de 2013 pelas 00h30m.

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15 records that made my year

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lemongrass “gloriette” 2012

After the release of the highly acclaimed EP “Sans Souci” in early 2011 Lemongrass now come up with another Chill House EP. The 6 tracks on “Gloriette” are full of sunshine and joy and are ready to get into your … Continuar a ler

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zoo brazil “any moment now” 2012

Grammy and BRIT Award nominated Zoo Brazil, also known as John Andersson, has released over 160 singles and 8 albums under various monikers. Throughout his career John has steadily carved out a reputation for himself as one of dance music’s … Continuar a ler

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mothlite “dark age” 2012

Mothlite is the brainchild of Manchester born multi-instrumentalist, Daniel O’Sullivan. Many will know him from his work with SunnO))), Big Pink, Chrome Hoof and more recently Norwegian avent garde, sometime-experimental, sometime black metal band Ulver. And it’s the sounds of … Continuar a ler

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go-kart mozart “on the hot dog streets” 2012

There’s something brilliantly, defiantly insane about the notion that anyone is likely to be inspired to form a band in Go Kart Mozart’s image after hearing On the Hot Dog Streets, let alone take advice on their name – or … Continuar a ler

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DIIV live on david letterman

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