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vini reilly

As previously mentioned on this page, my uncle – The Durutti Column’s Vini Reilly – has hit a bit of a rough patch money-wise, and is currently struggling to cover basic outgoings such as rent, food, electricity, etc.

Some of you have mentioned that you’d like to make a donation to Vini, which is incredibly kind, so we’ve been working out the best way to do that.

As Vini doesn’t have internet access, I’m going to use my PayPal account to receive any donations and forward them to his bank account.

John Cooper has looked into the PayPal situation and found out that using a donation button, as we’d previously hoped we might, results in fees being taken by PayPal even if they are personal payments.

So it seems the best way to do it is for people to just send a personal payment to my Paypal account, simply using my email address – – as the ‘person’ receiving the money.

It also seems to be better to pay using your bank account rather than credit or debit cards, as that results no fee being charged.

Otherwise, it seems that about 5% of what people pay may be deducted in fees by PayPal.

Hopefully that all makes sense – the link to PayPal is:

Any donation, no matter how big or small, is very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Matt Reilly

More details:

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