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elephant stone “s/t” 2013

Elephant Stone frontman Rishi Dhir has been a frequently outsourced sitar player amongst bands of upper-middle prominence for years. He recorded and toured with the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Horrors before launching his own project in 2009 … Continuar a ler

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jacco gardner “cabinet of curiosities” 2013

In an industrial area 40 minutes north of Amsterdam lives a 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist with a Brian Jones haircut. Jacco Gardner’s home is called the Shadow Shoppe Studio, and there, he creates music that hearkens back to the studio wizards of … Continuar a ler

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the embassy “sweet sensation” 2013

Here, Embassy interpolate guitar jangle and jaunty bass with bird calls and husky, thin vocals. It’s could be tacky if Embassy didn’t have such a deep understanding of restraint. new album releases

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some gorgeous accident “sleep in symmetry” 2012

The name isn’t just a reference to a Blueboy EP but much like the first line of “Stephanie”, Some Gorgeous Accident took place, well, not in Pinkneys Green of course. Maybe we could say somewhere between Berkshire and the Pacific? … Continuar a ler

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the pastels “worlds of possibility” 1995

The Pastels were riding a peak of creativity in the mid-’90s. Their album of 1995, Mobile Safari, is one of the band’s best and so is the Worlds of Possibility EP. The first track is one of the truly great … Continuar a ler

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chapterhouse “mesmerise” 1991

Mesmerise is a single by English Shoegazing band Chapterhouse released in 1991. It is rated very highly by critics and fans alike. [1] It appeared in the charts for 2 weeks, entering and peaking at 60. outdoor miner

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flying saucer attack “outdoor miner” ep 1995

Combining the contents of two 7″ vinyl singles into a CD EP release, Outdoor Miner/Psychic Dreaming makes for a fine slice of FSA’s art circa 1995. outdoor miner

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