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club 8 “me too” 1995

Formed in 1995, Club 8 were signed to the Spanish record label Siesta. They released a single called “Me Too” and an album called Nouvelle with an anorak pop sound. In 1998, their second album The Friend I Once Had … Continuar a ler

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moving pictures “without friends” 1996

With their 1994 debut EP entitled Hummingbird, the Moving Pictures first showcased their trademark of gleaming, blissful twee pop. Hailing from Madrid, the duo of Chity and Carlos provided the guitar, bass, drum and keyboard combination with the accompanied influences … Continuar a ler

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arabesque “the grooming garmit” ep 1997

Blueboy were an indie pop band formed in Reading, Berkshire who were signed to Sarah Records and later Shinkansen Recordings. Core members Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart also recorded as Arabesque and Beaumont. mediafire

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various “fantasia de navidad” 2002

“Fantasía de navidad” proporciona solaz y compañía en todo momento. Las canciones narran historias en general tristonas que se desarrollan en plenas pascuas. Ya en su primer momento se proporciona ese dulce anacronismo sentimental a través del himno navideño de … Continuar a ler

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piano magic “life has not finished with me yet” 2012

Few artists make it through 11 albums and still stay as relevant as the first 2-3 records. Piano Magic has come through with yet another great record. They step back to their roots with a darker more electronic album, reminiscent … Continuar a ler

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piano magic “chemical” 2012

All words by Glen Johnson Recorded and produced by Piano Magic except Ricky Maymi recorded by Alex Apodaca at Antenna Studio, Crystal Palace, London Artwork by Jeff Teader and Glen Johnson Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw new album releases

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the soft pack “strapped” 2012

The Soft Pack are back with Strapped–an adventurous album that finds the Los Angeles-based foursome breaking with expectations and exploring the possibilities of how they can push their sound. In making it, the group took to heart a quote from … Continuar a ler

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