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steve & stevie “steve & stevie” 1968

Steve Kipner and Steve Groves went to London and formed the duo STEVE & STEVIE. They recorded an album together, which was released on the small Toast label. There was one single released off that album. While in London they … Continuar a ler

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gracious “once on a windy day” 1970

Gracious began as a schoolboy lark in 1964, when guitarist Alan Cowderoy and vocalist/drummer Paul Davis banded together to cover pop songs at school concerts. To arouse maximum ire at their Catholic school, the adopted the band name “Satan’s Disciples.” … Continuar a ler

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wild nothing new ep and vídeo

New EP next month! ‘Empty Estate’ comes out on May 14th.

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astrid engberg “poetry is gone” 2013

After the release of her debut solo effort, Life Goes On, Astrid Engberg continues the presentation of her musical universe, rich and eclectic, with her second of a series of four, Poetry Is Gone. We discovered her knowledge in Jazz, … Continuar a ler

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ian mcculloch “holy ghosts” 2013

Ian McCulloch is best known as the frontman of Echo & the Bunnymen, but the singer release another solo album, this time a two-disc set called Holy Ghosts. It is out on April 15 through Edsel. The first of the … Continuar a ler

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fiction “the big other” 2013

Sometimes you’ve got to look back to move forward. At least, that’s what the debut album from London art-rock quintet Fiction implies. Channeling the 1980’s intellectual approach to crafting pop songs honed by the likes of Talking Heads, ‘The Big … Continuar a ler

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saturday looks good to me “one kiss ends it all” 2013

It looks like the members of Saturday Looks Good To Me, a Detroit-based pop group, are trying their hardest to invoke Summer in their newest track, ‘Invisible Friend’. The song is full of breezy, surf-style guitars and some twee vocals … Continuar a ler

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