the loved ones “being here with you” 1966

the loved ones

In 1965, Barry Seidel formed a music company called Traydel Productions. The first band Seidel signed was The Mad Hatters from Washington DC. In the course of one year the band released three stunningly great singles- “I Need Love”, “Go Find A Love” and “I’ll Come Running”, all with Dylanesque-PF Sloan sounding folk-rock songs as the b-sides. Mad Hatter live shows were legendary as well, as is exemplified by the explosion of the amps during their electrifying medley of “Since You’ve Been Gone>I’m All Right>The Mad Hatter Theme” and their rocking version of “I Need Love”, both included on this album along with all their singles, making this the most complete collection of Mad Hatters’ material ever released.

paradise og garage compilations

Esta entrada foi publicada em 1966. ligação permanente.

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