steve & stevie “steve & stevie” 1968

steve & stevie

Steve Kipner and Steve Groves went to London and formed the duo STEVE & STEVIE. They recorded an album together, which was released on the small Toast label. There was one single released off that album. While in London they met Steve Kipner’s old friend Maurice Gibb, who recommended that they should work for the Robert Stigwood Organisation.

After Maurice Gibb had recommended that Steve Kipner and Steve Groves should work together with the Robert Stigwood Organisation, Stigwood bought out the contract from the small record company and the duo was free to start working with Polydor. Maurice Gibb offered to produce an album of the duo together with his brother in law Billy Lawrie. The first single release by the duo, who called themselves TIN TIN was “Only Ladies Play Croquet”. The single was not hit, but the second release “Toast And Marmalade For Tea” was to become the biggest hit of TIN TIN.


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