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bryan maclean “Ifyoubelievein” 1966-82

Ifyoubelievein is the first solo album by Bryan MacLean, who was previously known as the second songwriter in the original lineup of the Los Angeles folk rock band Love. The album was assembled of old demo tapes his mother Elizabeth … Continuar a ler

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maxwell & nicholson “trees and things” 1971

Orange played in Cumbria in the late 60s. The Carlisle songwriting duo of Mike Maxwell and Chris Nicholson, having been a folk-influenced duo (and at one time choir boys), teamed up with Steve Ridley, and John Smith to form Orange. … Continuar a ler

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click “girl with a mind” 1967

“Intriguing material, smooth performance and Joey Scott arrangement must be heard and it could really prove a top chart item. Off-beat number with much sales potential”. rockasteria

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the alan bown “all i can” 1969

The Alan Bown Set later known as The Alan Bown! or just Alan Bown, were a British band of the 1960s and 1970s whose music evolved from jazz and blues through soul and rhythm and blues and ended up as … Continuar a ler

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alzo & udine “c’mon and join us” 1969

Some “strum and be happy” pop from the NYC combo Alzo & Udine captures the sunny hippy vibe of the late 60’s with a dash of latin soul and a guitar riff borrowed from Archie Bell and The Drells. hippy-djkit

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joaquim barato “april to july ep” 2013

Portuguese João Caldeira Bispo, who currently lives in Lima, Peru, has this new ep on his personal bandcamp page, after his 2012 lp on Patetico Recordings with the title “Rivers”. The music is widely influenced by American dreampop, post-rock and … Continuar a ler

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crystal soda cream “escape from vienna” 2013

New LP from this Austrian band on totally wired records influenced by the sounds of 80’s post-punk. So you can imagine Robert Smith singing and playing the guitar somewhere.

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