the rising storm “calm before…” 1967

the rising storm calm before

The original members of the group were Bob Cohan, Todd Cohen, Charlie Rockwell, Tom Scheft, Tony Thompson, and Rich Weinberg. The Rising Storm is most notable for their LP album, “Calm Before”, which is cited by rock and roll historian Richie Unterberger in Allmusic as being “one of the rarest and most respected garage band albums”. More than forty years after its recording, mint copies of “Calm Before” can fetch 4 figures among record collectors interested in the garage rock era. The notoriety of this rare album has been the subject of articles in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Washington Post Sunday magazine, Mojo magazine, and a feature interview by Liane Hansen on NPR’s All Things Considered Weekend Edition.

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Esta entrada foi publicada em 1967, 60's, the rising storm. ligação permanente.

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