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minks “margot” new single

From the upcoming record ‘Tides End’ out August 6th on Captured Tracks, worldwide

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the national “trouble will find me” 2013

The National’s dark, brooding tales of suburban strife and existential terror sounds like the audio equivalent of sitting down in a well-worn leather chair in a very dark room with a glass of scotch in your hand. Their sound is … Continuar a ler

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daft punk “random access memories” 2013

We haven’t been exposed to a single yet, but now we can fantasize about Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories through its recently unveiled tracklist. The 13-song list features titles like “Give Life Back to Music,” “Lose Yourself to Dance,” and … Continuar a ler

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naam “vow” 2013

In its totality, Vow is a flowing conceptual work best taken on as a whole, stylistically ambitious but without the so-often-corresponding pretense, and at a vinyl-ready 37 minutes, it’s best taken as a whole. early tuesday morning

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piano magic “heart machinery” (a piano magic retrospective, 2001-2008) (2013)

The unveiling of this second volume of Piano Magic singles, EP cuts and sundry extra-curricular pieces comes with the news that the band – which began way back in 1996 – may have amicably called it a day, for at … Continuar a ler

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scud mountain boys “do you love the sun” 2013

Do You Love the Sun is the first new Scud Mountain Boys album since Sub Pop released the critically-acclaimed Massachusetts in 1996. Their latest offering features Joe Pernice’s inimitable marriage of exquisitely graceful vocals and a resigned tone that the … Continuar a ler

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robsongs “essa grande falta de você” 2012

The Robsongs project (Brazil) began back in 2008, initially under the name Minha Vida Nunca Foi um Picnic (My Life Was Never a Picnic). Back then it was a classic power trio format comprised of Robson Gomes, Alex and Augusto … Continuar a ler

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