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dave berry “i’m gonna take you there” 1965

It is said that Dave (real name David Grundy) changed his name because he was a fan of Chuck Berry. Whether this is actually true or not, Dave’s first UK hit was with a cover of a Chuck Berry classic, … Continuar a ler

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the denims “i’m your man” 1965

The Denims hailing from Edmond and Oklahoma City. paradise of garage compilations

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dean ford & the gaylords “that lonely feeling” 1965

This Scottish group became the Marmalade around 1966, at which point they recorded the phenomenal proto-Hendrix single “I See the Rain.” By 1968, they were a UK hit-making machine with songs like their no big deal cover of “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da” … Continuar a ler

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the london knights “go to him” 1965

I first encountered ‘Go To Him’ by the London Knights many years ago on one of the Cicadelic 60’s compilations, where it appeared alongside some stellar folk rock by the Cascades, the Mods (not the Asbury Park Mods) and the … Continuar a ler

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the boys next door “why be proud/suddenly she was gone” 1965

Known to some as “the Beach Boys of the Midwest, ” the Boys Next Door were among the relatively few competent emulators of the Beach Boys/Jan & Dean vocal/hot rod/surf sound, and certainly among the very few competent emulators to … Continuar a ler

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donovan "fairytale" 1965

Donovan’s second album found the Scottish folkie in possession of his own voice, a style of earnest, occasionally mystical musings indebted neither to Woody Guthrie nor Bob Dylan. rapidshare

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the beach boys "today" 1965

The Beach Boys were still into cars, girls and surfboards, but Brian Wilson was already a genius. He writes sweet California tunes here, and the haunting “She Knows Me Too Well” hits Pet Sounds-deep. mediafire

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