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it’s us “don’t want your lovin’” 1966

One of the rarest records on the BFTG series, and containing an equally nice folk-ish b-side which is so far un-compiled. This is rather too folky to hit the top 50 on this list, but we estimate 5 or 6 … Continuar a ler

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london and the bridges “keep him” 1966

Even though he was responsible for co-writing five of the six recorded 45 sides for London & The Bridges, guitarist/vocalist Richie Weintraub decided to leave the band to pursue other career interests. Those songs are in high demand today by … Continuar a ler

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we the people “you burn me up and down” 1966

We the People were an American garage rock band from Orlando, Florida that were formed in late 1965 and professionally active between 1966 and 1970. growing bored for a living

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the dynamics “i’ll be standing there” 1966

The Dynamics from Seattle, later Springfield Rifle. This song was also released as being done by Springfield Rifle – same members/group as The Dynamics. zippyshare

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the saucer men “another chance” 1966

“Another Chance” is a maudlin tune, good if you like the downbeat, weepy garage numbers. The flip, “Don’t Do It” is a poppier, somewhat awkward song. Both songs were written by Tom and Nick Bonagura and released on their own … Continuar a ler

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dawn 5 “a necessary evil” 1966

The mighty Dawn 5, once one of the local favorites, and sadly, least known bands of the 1965-’67 era. They stayed together long enough to give us a great 45, just enough info to keep interest up, including an interview … Continuar a ler

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the enfields “i’m for things you do” 1966

The Enfields were one of the countless garage bands competing for airplay in the 1960s. They released a series of quality local 45s before morphing into the more progressive Friends of the Family, of which by that time, principal songwriter … Continuar a ler

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