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philamore lincoln “the north wind blew south” 1970

One of the most mysterious albums of the late Sixties, British singer/songwriter Philamore Lincoln’s US-only release The North Wind Blew South has attracted plenty of conjecture over the years, much of it concerning the alleged involvement of the Yardbirds. rockasteria

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richard twice “richard twice” 1970

This glorious pop album, originally released in 1970 Named after the mysterious duo of Richard Atkins and Richard Manning, its beautifully-crafted songs and glorious melodies have assured it an ever-growing cult reputation. rockasteria

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tin tin “tin tin” 1970

“Tin Tin” is the first studio album by the Australian group Tin Tin, this album was produced by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. Maurice Gibb did not just produce Tin Tin, he plays on several songs included on this … Continuar a ler

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gracious “once on a windy day” 1970

Gracious began as a schoolboy lark in 1964, when guitarist Alan Cowderoy and vocalist/drummer Paul Davis banded together to cover pop songs at school concerts. To arouse maximum ire at their Catholic school, the adopted the band name “Satan’s Disciples.” … Continuar a ler

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mid day rain “welcome to the rain/friday mourning” 1970

This is the b-side of “Welcome To The Rain” 1970.A beautiful,haunting song, typical of others found in the Fading Yellow series.The writer,S.Arrell, may be the Steve Arrell who was drummer with the Warloks in 1968. paradise of garage compilations

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led zeppelin "led zeppelin III" 1970

After the thundering success of their first two albums, Led Zeppelin showed that they had more than just a heavy metal side. Led Zeppelin III has an acoustic based, earthy sound and in most places finds the band in a … Continuar a ler

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creedence clearwater revival "cosmo’s factory" 1970

Cosmos Factory caught sense of the time. It looked back to the uneasy recent past, picking up what it could, and moved forward to a bright but uncharted and uncertain future. Looking back, no one could have told you what … Continuar a ler

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