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maxwell & nicholson “trees and things” 1971

Orange played in Cumbria in the late 60s. The Carlisle songwriting duo of Mike Maxwell and Chris Nicholson, having been a folk-influenced duo (and at one time choir boys), teamed up with Steve Ridley, and John Smith to form Orange. … Continuar a ler

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badfinger "straight up" 1971

“Straight Up” may be one of the most underrated albums in rock. From FM radio classics “Baby Blue” and “Day After Day,” to the haunting gem “Name of the Game,” this is British power pop at its best. There’s not … Continuar a ler

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david crosby "if i could only remember my name" 1971

David Crosby’s debut solo album, If I Could Only Remember My Name is a one-shot wonder of dreamy but ominous California ambience. The songs range from brief snapshots of inspiration (the angelic chorale-vocal showcase on “Orleans” and the a cappella … Continuar a ler

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