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altered images "don’t talk to me about love" 1983

For the most part, it sounds like it, too, but the brilliant single “Don’t Talk To Me About Love,” which led off side two, was a welcome surprise, and possibly the best song they ever did. Mike Chapman’s production recalls … Continuar a ler

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ópera nova "sonhos" single 1983

Portuguese synthpop, produced by Carlos Maria Trindade (Heróis do Mar, Madredeus). Probably one of the best portuguese acts of all time. Details in portuguese. Ópera Nova – Sonhos

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clara mondshine "memorymetropolis" 1983

Clara Mondshine is a pseudonym. The musician is male (real name – Walter Bachauer). Berlin School electronics in Schulze style with experimental trends on later works. Because these albums were released on the legendary IC label, many people believe that … Continuar a ler

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