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the gun club "las vegas story" 1984

A true gem of an album when it was released in 1984, it’s re-release on cd is overdue and is a must for anyone even mildly curious about The Gun Club. Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s unique, emotional, and beautifully discordant vocal … Continuar a ler

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depeche mode "some great reward" 1984

‘some great reward’ pointed DM in a new direction they would later build on with ‘black celebration,’ ‘music for the masses,’ and culminate with ‘violator.’ in this regard it serves as an important stepping stone in the band’s evolution–it was … Continuar a ler

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the danse society "heaven is waiting" 1984

THE DANSE SOCIETY are without doubt one of the undiscovered gems of the 80’s. This album has very gothic leanings with its jangly guitar and minor key arrangements. Perhaps the best thing about it is Lyndon Scarfe’s distinctive keyboard sound … Continuar a ler

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tones on tail "pop" 1984

Tones On Tail was a project created by Daniel Ash in 1982 so that he could experiment with music that just wouldn’t have worked well with his other band, Bauhaus. Either by accident or design, Bauhaus had crafted and developed … Continuar a ler

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