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808 state "newbuild" 1988

This is a classic album. It’s energetic and fun. It’s not an accessible album, it’s lo-fi, and full of flaws. When I first got it, I agreed with the reviewer who gave it 1 star. rapidshare

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american music club "california" 1988

CALIFORNIA by American Music Club is one of the greatest albums ever released , an absolute masterpiece from start to finish. It is however a total disgrace that it has never been reissued and that one of the worlds great … Continuar a ler

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michael nyman "drowning by numbers" 1988

I first heard this when I first saw the film (go see!) and wanted to know who wrote such beautiful music, which was so in sync with the counting games and cut of the film. It’s a great score: musically … Continuar a ler

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pet shop boys "introspective" 1988

The PSB recently remastered and re-issued their first six albums. “Introspective” has always been my favorite CD by them and I was only too happy to but it again to get all the extras. Disc 1 is the original CD … Continuar a ler

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public enemy "it takes a nation of millions to hold us back" 1988

Yo! Bum Rush the Show was an invigorating record, but it looks like child’s play compared to its monumental sequel, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, a record that rewrote the rules of what hip-hop could … Continuar a ler

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