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mazzy star "she hangs brightly" 1990

This entire CD is very melodic and groovy with a psychedelic feel to the songs. I love how entrancing Hope Sandoval’s voice is combined with the resonating chords on the guitar and keyboard. I think of the 3 Mazzy Star … Continuar a ler

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the sundays "reading, writing and arithmetic" 1990

I was a college student in the summer of 1990 when I bought this on a whim after hearing “Here’s Where the Story Ends” just once, when I stumbled onto the video at a friend’s house while watching an MTV … Continuar a ler

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angelo badalamenti "twin peaks" soundtrack 1990

Sad, melancholic, beautiful, dark, fragile, gentle. scummified

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pet shop boys "behaviour" 1990

Behaviour perfectly captures the other side of Pet Shop Boys. Considered. Quiet. Very introspective. Adult. This is an incredible set of songs, one I have yet to tire of. And it hasn’t aged a bit like some of their earlier … Continuar a ler

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happy mondays "pills ‘n’ thrills and bellyaches" 1990

I can’t think of a release that sums up the entire British baggy rave scene as this one does. An incredible mix of groovy beats, chunky bass lines, funky guitars along with utterly unique vocals. Music that sounds as good … Continuar a ler

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