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chapterhouse “mesmerise” 1991

Mesmerise is a single by English Shoegazing band Chapterhouse released in 1991. It is rated very highly by critics and fans alike. [1] It appeared in the charts for 2 weeks, entering and peaking at 60. outdoor miner

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the fatima mansions "bertie’s brochures" 1991

Cathal Coughlan provokes a similar reaction to his music as does his homeland’s most well known tipple i.e “Guinness”? You either think it’s too bitter or a velvety dream. rapidshare

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velvet crush "in the presence of greatness" 1991

Unavailable for years, the band’s glorious 1991 debut album re-mastered, with three bonus tracks, repackaged in a swank digipak. “Our first ‘major’ musical statement, the one we really wanted people to hear… File under Maximum Power Pop”. rapidshare

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rain tree crow "s/t" 1991

David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Richard Barbieri (keyboards), Mick Karn (bass, saxophone, bass clarinet), Steve Jansen (drums). rapidshare

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the klf "the white room" 1991

It’s difficult to find something different and original in the dance scene, but the three dance tracks (What Time is Love, 3 AM Eternal, and Last Train to Trancentral) on this album are truly amazing, particularly considering that half of … Continuar a ler

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kitchens of distinction "strange free world" 1991

KOD was a great pop band, with a unique sound. Singer/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald’s lyrics were pointed, yet utterly heartwrenching, while Julian Swales work with effects-laden guitars has yet to be matched (or imitated). alternativas de distância

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