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mazzy star "so tonight that i might see" 1993

If you like either of the other Mazzy Star albums, this one is a little different… in a better way. If you have never heard of this band, but like mysterious, sultry, and deep music, running the gamut from acoustic … Continuar a ler

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cocteau twins "four-calendar café" 1993

This is an album for those who love, or those who yearn to know what it feels like. music dark

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dodgy "the dodgy album" 1993

This first album has some cracking music. The songs are well written and arranged, and beautifully mastered so that the overall engineering of the album is first class. There are a couple of tracks that I skip through, but the … Continuar a ler

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p j harvey "rid of me" 1993

The cover says it all. Emotions laid bare, defiance incarnate, grimy and harrowing, Rid of Me is a listening experience unlike any other. mediafire

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the boo radleys "giant steps" 1993

Giant Steps ambitiously took its name from John Coltrane’s great album of experimentation and like that work it was hugely audacious, inspired, original and mind blowing. outdoor miner

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