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mazzy star “fade into you” 1994

“Fade into You” was the highest charting song from alternative rock/dream pop group Mazzy Star. The song was written by lyricist Hope Sandoval and composer David Roback, who also served as producer. outdoor miner

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pulp "his’n’hers" 1994

Call it the great transitional album, spanning the gap between Pulp’s self-consciously arty past and the commercial acceptance of ‘Different Class.’ ‘His ‘N’ Hers’ wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be, but spawned some good songs, most notably “Do … Continuar a ler

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animals that swim "workshy" 1994

A raggedy, throwback indie shambles in the shiny dawn of Britpop, Animals That Swim were the wrong band at the wrong time; they even had a heartbreaking song about a bitter, Elvis-era rock failure (Roy) that implied they had already … Continuar a ler

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suede "dog man star" 1994

We seem to be in the teeth of a Suede revival: their reunion has been greeted with widespread delight, and last week the NME referred to them as “the hip reference everyone’s trying to drop”. Even so, listening to their … Continuar a ler

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oasis "definitely maybe" 1994

From the start Oasis was ready to make there mark in the world of music, hands down this is a most have for any music fan. rapidshare

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dodgy "homegrown" 1994

This is a truely fantastic collection of songs, each with its own collection of catchy lyrics and guitar riffs. This is by far the best Dodgy album and I would reccomend this to a ‘Dodgy virgin! lifer

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