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moving pictures “without friends” 1996

With their 1994 debut EP entitled Hummingbird, the Moving Pictures first showcased their trademark of gleaming, blissful twee pop. Hailing from Madrid, the duo of Chity and Carlos provided the guitar, bass, drum and keyboard combination with the accompanied influences … Continuar a ler

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aphex twin "richard d james album" 1996

As for my opinion, RDJ Album is a masterpiece of Drill n Bass, which is the term for the lightning quick, spastic drumming that is so prominent in this work. Note that this rather up-tempo drumming isn’t always intense…it can … Continuar a ler

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dj shadow "endtroducing" 1996

This record has been immortalized in the past few years as the crate-diggers and backpackers bible. Every single year, with another list marking the best of the past 10 years, 50 years, and maybe even millenium, Endtroducing has become a … Continuar a ler

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animals that swim "i was the king, i really was the king" 1996

Continuing the elegantly restrained and artistic route of Workshy but having fun with new variations as they went, the five members of Animals That Swim made a fine second album in the shape of I Was the King, I Really … Continuar a ler

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the bluetones "expecting to fly" 1996

This album, released in early 1996, is one of those magnificent pieces of work that hardly ages and seems as fresh now, as the day it was released. The album is full of songs that, although would be unlikely to … Continuar a ler

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screaming trees "dust" 1996

I saw some reviews for this cd on, they were mostly in praise, so I just decided to buy it used from Wherehouse. How could anyone not shower this with praise. This cd has some of the best songs … Continuar a ler

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