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madonna "ray of light" 1998

This is Madonna’s work of art. And this CD is the very best collection of any music she has ever produced since “Erotica.” Madonna’s lyrics are beautiful and strong because even after 9 years it still stands the test of … Continuar a ler

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unkle "psyence fiction" 1998

Mo Wax records founder James Lavelle and DJ Shadow are the men from UNKLE, a collaborative project that began a few years ago, and the duo released its first full album “Psyence Fiction”. It was one of the most anticipated … Continuar a ler

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boards of canada "music has the right to children" 1998

This is the album that introduced most of us to Boards of Canada’s unique sound back in 1998, now back in a slick digipak reissue from Warp. “Music has the right to children” is probably the best introduction to Boards … Continuar a ler

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leila "like weather" 1998

Leila Arab is a genius, or at least close. The tunes on this album range from the funky to the serene. Space, love, Underwaters & Melodicore are timeless classics, which I’m sure will still sound modern in twenty years time. … Continuar a ler

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elliott smith "either/or" 1998

I have to thank Spin magazine for my purchase of Elliot Smith’s Either/Or. I saw the album located as one of the best albums of the 90s and decided to go purchase the album. SPIN WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. This album … Continuar a ler

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