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vitesse "chelsea 27099" 2000

Arguably the only way to convince someone else of the greatness of any given work is to first establish context and credibility. Well guess what, neither of us have time for that. I’ll settle for telling you that this could … Continuar a ler

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black box recorder "the facts of life" 2000

Black Box Recorder’s second album is a much sunnier affair than their bleak debut album “England Made Me.” While they no longer have any songs about insanity and dead children they are still writing some of the sharpest pop music … Continuar a ler

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ryan adams "heartbreaker" 2000

I thought “Love is Hell, Pt. 1” was Ryan Adams’ best musical accomplishment. I was wrong. That production, as phenomenal as it was, doesn’t come close to the level he reached in “Heartbreaker”, his first album after he left Whiskeytown. … Continuar a ler

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doves "lost souls" 2000

The Doves made their stunning debut with “Lost Souls,” a brooding, symphonic rock album that is impossible to forget. The Manchester group delivers the basics — simple melodies are layered with richly psychedelic sound, anguished songs about how it’s “a … Continuar a ler

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badly drawn boy "the hour of bewilderbeast" 2000

The first album by Badly Drawn Boy has been released amidst much hype–and believe me the hype is well founded. Badly Drawn Boy is basically the brainchild of Damon Gough from Manchester,England.The early e.p.’s showed great promise,and this promise has … Continuar a ler

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primal scream "xtrmntr" 2000

Yeah, it’s full of processed sounds, production, and sampled beats, but this is, in both sound and mentality, a full-on rock and protest album. Every moment of this album is harsh and abrasive, and all the more enjoyable for it. … Continuar a ler

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the montgolfier brothers "pro-celebrity standing around" single 2001

Pro-Celebrity Standing Around is a song by The Montgolfier Brothers from the album Seventeen Stars. love in spurts Encontra mais canções de the montgolfier brothers em Música do Myspace

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