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clearlake "lido" 2001

Having picked up this cd without having heard anything by this band i wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. After the first play the first thing that hits you you are the lyrics, brutally honest in each … Continuar a ler

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mark lanegan "field songs" 2001

Sadly, not enough people will be blessed to have a listen to this record. Then again, sometimes that which is sought out is better than that which is forcefed to us over the airwaves and television sets. This is certainly … Continuar a ler

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travis "the invisible band" 2001

I really enjoyed both of the last two albums from Travis (“Good Feeling” and “The Man Who”), so this has been one for my list of most anticipated releases of 2001… mediafire

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elbow "asleep in the back" 2001

Disturbing, but not in a bad way! This is one of my favourite albums of 2001. At times Guy Garvey sings like Peter Gabriel, at others the record has echoes of Bowie or Japan. These are influences, you understand, not … Continuar a ler

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aphex twin "drukqs" 2001

What a great album. I have gotten into RDJ’s music a lot for the last three or four months. I am relatively new to this style of music, although he is known for many sounds and styles. I first purchased … Continuar a ler

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