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“v/a easy tempo vol. 4” 2003

The whole series could not be a more brilliant showcase of the dedication behind “background” music of 1960’s & 1970’s Italian movies – that just because they are “scores” does NOT mean they can’t be brilliant on their own as: … Continuar a ler

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bonnie ‘prince’ billy "master and everyone" 2003

Bonnie Prince Billy, in my opinion, is this generation’s Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen as far as lyrics go. His lyrics on this album are the type that you may not get right away, but when you do understand what … Continuar a ler

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four tet "rounds" 2003

As mentioned before, there is an overall moelancholic feel to the album, but at the same time, there are beautiful swells, plucked guitar lines and crisp – head nodding beats. mediafire

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evan dando "baby i’m bored" 2003

If you like the mellow songs in the Lemonheads catalogue, then chances are you will love this cd. The cd sounds like a more modern Lemonheads with less hard-rocking and more singer-songwriter vibe (akin to Ben Kweller). The album is … Continuar a ler

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the coral "magic and medicine" 2003

The Coral pick up where they left off with this gloriously atmospheric follow-up to their self-titled debut album. Three listens in and it grips you and won’t let go, mixing elements of just about every psychedelic sound you’ve ever heard, … Continuar a ler

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my morning jacket "it still moves" 2003

The record is an emotional listening experience, and there’s a constant thread of melancholy permeating even the most bombastic numbers. It’s good late night listening, with the lights dim and your mind clear (or even a little buzzed). Sometimes its … Continuar a ler

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