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deerhoof "the runners four" 2005

Deerhoof is better served in smaller doses than larger ones, even after they settled down a bit from their earlier, more hectic days. Like a lot of long tracklist albums (They Might Be Giant’s “Flood,” more than one Beastie Boys … Continuar a ler

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isolée "we are monster" 2005

As with the previous reviewer, this album came as a pleasant surprise for me. Like most people who have heard of Isolee, my only previous exposure to him was “Beau Mot Plage,” that catchy wordless-vocal track that showed up on … Continuar a ler

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broadcast "tender buttons" 2005

Broadcast is down to two members now, Trish Keenan and James Cargill. I saw them play a few years ago and it was great. They definitely have their own sound. It’s sort of this 1960s sound that never existed, and … Continuar a ler

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the decemberists "picaresque" 2005

The obscure word “Picaresque” is an accurate title for the third full-length album by the Decemberists. If you want to get technical, the word refers to humorous adventure stories, starring roguish antiheroes. Considering the folky pirate sound of the Decemberists’ … Continuar a ler

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jamie lidell "multiply" 2005

How can this album be real? Just when I thought music was over and done with, just when I thought the soul was gone – a dorky British white guy comes along sounding like a cross between Marvin Gaye and … Continuar a ler

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