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hot chip "the warning" 2006

Fledgling UK electropop band Hot Chip have found greater success with their second album, “The Warning,” but thankfully have not sold their souls to do so. mediafire

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belle and sebastian "the life pursuit" 2006

I find it quite odd that any Belle and Sebastian fan would come in here and give The Life Pursuit a one star. I truly can’t figure out what fans expect of musicians. Some want an exact duplicate of previous … Continuar a ler

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fujiya & miyagi "transparent things" 2006

Leave it to a few UK studs to come up with a sound this brilliant. ‘Hilarious Euro-pop with slick bass lines’ is a fairly accurate description but doesn’t do this album justice. The recording is crystal and the beats are … Continuar a ler

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ellen allien & apparat "orchestra of bubbles" 2006

Ellen Allien, DJ, techno artist, producer, and founder of the BPitch Control record label out of Berlin, teams up with another German producer and artist, Apparat. Prior to Ochestra of Bubbles, Allien’s last release Thrills produced some excellent tech house … Continuar a ler

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booka shade "movements" 2006

This funky and breaky tech house album with a touch of electro got me bopping up my head up and down and occasionally reaching over to rate every other track at four and five stars on my iPod. rapidshare

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