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sally shapiro "my guilty pleasure" 2009

Sally Shapiro, the icy disco queen who captured hearts in 2007 with her superb debut Disco Romance, returns with a solid (if a tad familiar) sophomore effort. Backed again by producer Johan Agebjorn, the anonymous Swedish singer, My Guilty Pleasure … Continuar a ler

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bibio "ambivalence avenue" 2009

Bibio’s Warp debut, Ambivalence Avenue, is one of the stealth albums of 2009, its pastoral psychedelia reminiscent of Super Furry Animals idly punting with Towers of Asia. mediafire

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a sunny day in glasgow "ashes grammar" 2009

There are many different artists I associate Ashes Grammar with – the dense sonic brilliance of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, the free-flowing structure of Boards of Canada on Music Has the Right to Children or Geogaddi, the trance inducing power … Continuar a ler

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zomby "where were u in 92?" 2009

Zomby usually makes dubstep/junglist grooves, but this time he’s made a CD with tracks that pays hommage to his youth. Air sirens mixed with stab pianos and energy so intense it will knock you off your office chair. Merging the … Continuar a ler

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woods "songs of shame" 2009

Songs of Shame isn’t for everyone; the music can be too simple in some ways, too artsy in others, and the production is lo-fi all the way. But it’s the kind of album that can captivate – if it hits, … Continuar a ler

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papercuts "you can have what you want" 2009

This album is amazing. As mentioned in a previous review, it does remind me a lot of the Zombies, definetely got a 60s vibe going. The whole album is solid; not a bad song on here. I can’t stop listening … Continuar a ler

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