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rich bennett “misty valley” 2010

‘Misty Valley’ is the new single by shadowy lounge-pop maestro Rich Bennett, taken from his forthcoming sophomore album On Holiday. download

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rich bennett “buddy cop” 2010

Via a sequence of regular releases, Rich Bennett has revealed a strong desire to make cinematic music encompassing many different genres. ‘Buddy Cop’ comprises, once again, a series of instrumentals for an imaginary theme; in this case featuring a classy, … Continuar a ler

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nicola conte “other directions” 2010

For those who became acquainted with Nicola Conte via his Bossa Per Due and Jet Sounds Revisited, Other Directions will come as a real surprise. Along with being a producer and DJ, Conte is a classically trained musician who is … Continuar a ler

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kisses “funny heartbeat” 2012 and other songs

The breezy L.A. synthpop duo Kisses are back at it again. Their new track “Funny Heartbeat” is a glistening, sun-dazed lightweight dance tune with production from Tim Larcombe and Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs. Midnight Lover Kisses People Can Do The … Continuar a ler

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violens "amoral" 2010

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long while. Sounds like a blend of Morrisey, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Sonic Youth. That’s some good company. eye gin

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best coast "crazy for you" 2010

Mexican Summer are elated to announce their latest artist and full length release from California’s Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, aka Best Coast. Rolling out on July 27th, Crazy For You is a 12-track, twenty-nine minute collection of genuinely romantic … Continuar a ler

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delorean "subiza" 2010

Spanish four-piece Delorean has been kicking around the dance-pop scene for awhile now, remixing the Teenagers and Mystery Jets in 2008, then releasing the hype-building Ayrton Senna EP in 2009. Now after playing nearly every conceivable showcase at the 2009 … Continuar a ler

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