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rich bennett “wild ride” 2011

After the deliciously breezy pop of single ‘Misty Valley, ‘Wild Ride’ is where On Holiday’s anxious undertones begin to creep in more forcefully. download

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white wishes “come and say hello ep” 2011

released 16 August 2011 Music and lyrics by Nikita Pavlov Recorded in St. Petersburg and Berlin Spring 2011 Mastered by Jon Chaikin at Nonstop Sound Cover art by Nikita Pavlov A Shelflife Records Product for ex-lovers only

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sea pinks “dead seas” 2011

CF/ is very pleased to present “Dead Seas”, the second album from Sea Pinks. Following on from last year’s “Youth is Wasted” tape and the “Peripheral Vision” 12″ EP from earlier this year (both now sold out), Sea Pinks return … Continuar a ler

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kisses “funny heartbeat” 2012 and other songs

The breezy L.A. synthpop duo Kisses are back at it again. Their new track “Funny Heartbeat” is a glistening, sun-dazed lightweight dance tune with production from Tim Larcombe and Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs. Midnight Lover Kisses People Can Do The … Continuar a ler

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the kvb “the kvb II” 2011

The KVB II (tot 011a) 50 limited edition hand made cassette tapes made by TaqueOT. 25 Grey / 25 Orange. This is label re-edit of previous single THE KVB (tot 008a) that is sold out now. Includes 2 previously unreleased … Continuar a ler

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tim cohen "tim cohen’s magic trick" 2011

Tim Cohen’s third solo release, Magic Trick, finds him still fighting off the demons of a restless musical mind. In the 12 songs collected here, Tim traverses a wide range of conflicting moods while somehow always reenforcing his songs with … Continuar a ler

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fleet foxes "helplessness blues" 2011

Borrowing and stealing from a rich musical tradition, Helplessness Blues reminds us what’s ours. In the process, it joins the pantheon of source material for some other young searcher to take and make new. As his earnest and idealistic narrator … Continuar a ler

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