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sylvia telles "amor de gente moça" 1959

With her 1959 album “Amor de Gente Moça”, Sylvia became the first professional singer to release a full album with only bossa nova songs. loronix

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elizete cardoso "canção do amor demais" 1958

Two years later, Cardoso was invited to be a singer on an album of songs written by himself and Jobim. Canção do Amor Demais became the first album of bossa nova launching the new genre. fulaninha

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billie holiday "lady in satin" 1958

A harrowing classic, Billie Holiday’s personal favorite among her ’50s albums captures the singer 17 months before her death, her once honeyed voice, scarred and weakened from punishing life, its ravages highlighted by the 1958 session’s crisp sonics and the contrasting … Continuar a ler

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songs to learn and sing #48

Frank Sinatra singing “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” from his 1955 studio album with the same title. rock e demas musica In the wee small hours of the morning While the whole wide world is fast alseep … Continuar a ler

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chet baker "sings" 1952

I don’t think Chet Baker would be rated by most casual jazz fans as the best male vocalist of his era…probably, he wouldn’t be number one even for the trumpet on most lists.  Som do roque

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frank sinatra "sings for only the lonely" 1958

Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely (also known as Sings for Only the Lonely and simply Only the Lonely) is an album by the American singer Frank Sinatra, released in the United States by Capitol Records, in September 1958. … Continuar a ler

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joão gilberto "chega de saudade" 1959

Chega de Saudade is the debut album from João Gilberto and is often credited as the first bossa nova album. The title can be translated roughly as “enough longing”, though the Portuguese word saudade carries with it more complex meaning. … Continuar a ler

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