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the national gallery “performing musical interpretations of the paintings of paul klee” 1968

This superbly melodic and strange distillation of pop, folk, psych and jazz was inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee, and first appeared in 1968. Despite being credited to a proper band, it was in fact a studio recording overseen … Continuar a ler

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it’s us “don’t want your lovin’” 1966

One of the rarest records on the BFTG series, and containing an equally nice folk-ish b-side which is so far un-compiled. This is rather too folky to hit the top 50 on this list, but we estimate 5 or 6 … Continuar a ler

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the unwritten law “the whole world is blind” 1967

Action Speaks Louder / This Whole World Is Blind (Strata S-106) From Burlingame, apparently there’s another 45 with the band backing Debbie Williams, on the Highland label, details unknown. paradise

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the july four “frightened little girl / mr. miff” 1967

“Frightened Little Girl” b/w ?Mr/ Miff” (Cameo 480). This great summer of 1967 garage band release has been comped on the CD, “Fading Yellow, Vol. 2” and the flip is actually an excellent instrumental version of the same song. The … Continuar a ler

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london and the bridges “keep him” 1966

Even though he was responsible for co-writing five of the six recorded 45 sides for London & The Bridges, guitarist/vocalist Richie Weintraub decided to leave the band to pursue other career interests. Those songs are in high demand today by … Continuar a ler

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we the people “you burn me up and down” 1966

We the People were an American garage rock band from Orlando, Florida that were formed in late 1965 and professionally active between 1966 and 1970. growing bored for a living

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morning sun “dark hair” 1967

The Morning Sun formed when the Beaumont, Texas group the Six Deep broke up in 1967. From the Six Deep were Bob Welch bass, David Everett guitar and Bill Donley drums, and with them were Don Lackey lead guitar and … Continuar a ler

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